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It appears that last week’s letter, “Political statements at Federal Way rally,” was intended to send School Board President Tony Moore on a guilt trip as well as provide him career counseling. It was more “gotcha” than informative.

We have big problems in this country as anyone paying attention knows, not the least is the trillions of dollars in debt future generations must repay, but the Occupiers overlook that inconvenient truth. The Occupy Federal Way group’s limited vision for America is apparent when they criticize Moore and turn their backs on Newt Gingrich as he articulated solutions to America’s enormous challenges.

At the Gingrich rally, about 100 students from our high schools were invited there at the behest of Moore, who wanted at least some Federal Way students to see and hear a former Speaker of the House of Representatives, seeking the U.S. Presidency, presenting his case in a public forum. It was a rare opportunity for them regardless of their political inclinations, and it was a good civics lesson.

The suggestion that Moore, an evangelical Christian, stick to preaching rather than deciding the learning direction of our children is gratuitous and would deny our children the energetic and principled leadership they deserve. Those of us who know Moore are aware how conscientiously he approaches his job as school board president. He takes it seriously. He and the board are focused on what is best for our students, including graduation rates.

As for the rhetorical question about how Gingrich would use his Christian values to carry out Christ’s social call to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, heal the sick and by implication provide for those who “occupy,” I suspect the Speaker would prescribe a lifestyle of self-reliance and independence. That would solve a lot of personal problems and lead to more purposeful and fulfilling lives.

I doubt if a meeting between the members of that anonymous group would be productive if Moore were to meet with them, but I know they would like him and enjoy his presence.

However, if he agrees, I suggest they bring plenty of paper and pencils as they will learn what Moore and the Federal Way School Board actually do to promote student achievement while they are busy in other parts of town performing their occupying chores. They should bring their lunch, as it will take some time.

Also, they should not forget to bring the man sporting the “Iran, Let’s Talk” sign, as I’m sure he would not want to miss the conversation.

The “Occupy” movement has many criticisms and makes a variety of bare assertions, but I’m not aware of any viable solutions they have advanced.  To improve their credibility, they need to confront America’s chronic problems with workable solutions.

Don Payne, Federal Way


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