Rep. Roger Freeman dies at Federal Way hospital | Photos

Rep. Roger Freeman passed away on Wednesday.  - Contributed photo
  • Oct 29, 2014 at 2:11PM

Rep. Roger Freeman has died at the age of 48.

Marysville Globe

Pregnancy Aid auction helps moms in need

  • Today at 8:11AM

MARYSVILLE – Dayna Young of Marysville has been a single mom for about a year. She lives with her parents and works at a casino.

Marysville Globe

Editorial: You not voting gives me more power

  • Today at 7:47AM

I am not going to preach to try to guilt you into voting. I don't care if you vote. I am glad you don't. It gives me more power. I love that my vote counts for more than it should because you don't vote. If you and some of your friends voted I could be outnumbered say 4-1 (Have you read my editorials?). You might like that. Instead, my vote counts 1-0.

Bainbridge Island Review Letters

Bradley is choice for Poulsbo's chief | LETTER TO THE EDITOR

  • Today at 7:00AM

To the editor: Claire Bradley is clearly the best choice for District Court Judge.

Journal of the San Juan Islands Letters

Excellent emergency medical service requires additional support | Letters

  • Today at 7:00AM

Cutting salaries and degrading benefits are demoralizing enough. Not feeling like you have the backing of your community is completely disheartening.